Issue 10Spirit & Spell is a quarterly e-magazine that links Inclusive Wiccans and Witches around the world by sharing information and fostering mutual respect.  While all financial members of the Community Church of Inclusive Wicca receive their issues free, we love to share this wonderful e-magazine with the broader Pagan community.

Each issue is packed with articles and information on rituals, spell work and all manner of ideas to enhance your own practice and understanding of deity, of Inclusive Wicca, of spiritual witchcraft and of Paganism in general. Our regular columns look at astrology, crystals, Pagan cooking and recipes, Tarot and numerology as well as ethical magick and herbs.

Spirit & Spell is published 4 times a year to coincide with the Australian sabbats:

  • Lughnasadh – February 1st
  • Samhain – May 1st
  • Imbolc -August 1st
  • Beltaine – November 1st

As an e-magazine, Spirit & Spell is emailed directly to your inbox and this helps reduce our impact on the environment by limiting mass printing, by reducing carbon emissions from using road/rail/air postage services and keeps the costs down for you, our readers.

You can buy the latest or a back here or better still, subscribe and get all 4 issues across the year here.

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